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The Lost World Tour is a one-day trip to Khao Wong and Khao Chi Mao National Park, located 120 km from Pattaya.

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The Lost World Tour is a one-day trip to Khao Wong and Khao Chi Mao National Park, located 120 km from Pattaya.

The excursion program includes:

  • Visit to the cave monastery in Khao Wong
  • Walk through the labyrinth of karst caves
  • Transfer to Khao Chi Mao
  • Lunch in the jungle
  • Swimming in the eight-level Khao Chi Mao waterfall

In the morning, tourists depart from Pattaya to Khao Wong National Park. On the way, they make a stop for breakfast at a cafe, where you can see a giant fish - arapaima.

In Khao Wong, tourists visit a cave monastery built in the 19th century. Then they go to the “Lost World”, where they can see primeval jungles untouched by man, underground rivers flowing from caves, monkeys hanging from rocks on vines, bizarre mountains, a labyrinth of karst caves and a cascade of emerald waterfalls.

After lunch in the jungle, tourists head to Khao Chi Mao. Here they swim in the eight-level Khao Chi Mao waterfall, which is famous for its emerald pools.

The tour is conducted in Russian.

Here is a more detailed description of some stages of the excursion:

Cave monastery in Khao Wong

The Cave Monastery is a Buddhist temple built in the 19th century in a cave. The entrance to the temple is decorated with Buddha statues, and inside there are statues, murals and other religious objects.

Labyrinth of karst caves

The Karst Caves Labyrinth is a system of 86 caves located in Khao Wong National Park. The caves have different shapes and sizes, some of them are filled with water.

Khao Chi Mao Waterfall

Khao Chi Mao Falls is an eight-level waterfall located in Khao Chi Mao National Park. The waterfall is famous for its emerald pools in which you can swim.

The Lost World tour is a great way to get acquainted with the pristine nature of Thailand.

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Adult, Children

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