Driver's license (licence) for a car in Pattaya

We provide assistance in obtaining driving licenses in Pattaya and Phuket. The only documents required from you are a passport photo

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10,000 ฿



Assistance with obtaining a driver's license (driver's license) to drive a car in Pattaya. You cannot drive a car or bike in Phuket without a driver's license. You can, but it is not legal and may result in fines and problems with the law.

The procedure for independently obtaining a driver’s license takes a lot of time for translation of documents, printouts, copies, and visits to government agencies. In general, you can get a driver’s license on your own, but it will take quite a long time.

We also provide assistance in obtaining  driver's license to operate a bike (moped) in Pattaya and on Phuket. The only documents required from you are a photo of your passport.

In a few days you will become the proud owner of a driver's license

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