A fascinating and unforgettable excursion to Khao Kheow Zoo

Discovery tour 7 in 1

If a person wants to feel like a part of the wild nature and get unforgettable emotions, it is recommended to order such a type of vacation as excursion to Khao Kheow Zoo. This is not only an ideal opportunity to meet animals, but also to feel like a character in an unforgettable fairy tale. Despite the fact that such an excursion would be the best gift for a child, even an adult will definitely like it.

What can you do at the zoo?

The uniqueness of the presented zoo lies in the fact that there are practically no cages with animals in it, and if there are, then in a minimal quantity. Therefore, we can say with confidence that a fairly large number of different animals live in conditions that are close to the real world. When going on an excursion, you should pay attention to the fact that it lasts until the evening.

During an excursion to the zoo from Pattaya you will find:

  • each person can get to know animals as closely as possible, such as monkeys, representatives of the cat family, etc.;
  • enjoy a fascinating show organized with the participation of animals;
  • visit a fairly spacious poultry house;
  • visit the local land of real wonders, where caimans, cute hippos and other interesting animals are represented;
  • enjoy an independent walk in the area of the zoo that is considered open.

Therefore, by organizing an excursion to this place, each person has a unique opportunity to spend fun and exciting free time with his family during his vacation.

What you need to know about zoo?

Before organizing an excursion to the zoo, you need to familiarize yourself with some rules. It is important to remember that almost all animals can be fed lightly. In this case, you can buy food directly from the enclosure itself or take care in advance of purchasing assorted bags, which are located at the entrance to the zoo. It is very important to avoid feeding wild monkeys, which can be found in any part of the zoo.

Despite the fact that the entire area is in fairly large shade, in any case you should use sunscreen, wear long sleeves and be sure to take sun protection with you. It is not necessary to take food with you, as you can buy various drinks and other delicacies at the zoo.


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