Mafia game in Pattaya

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200 ฿



Мафия – это игра, в которой участники делятся на две команды: мафию и мирных жителей. Мафия должна тайно устранить мирных жителей, а мирные жители должны вычислить мафию и остановить ее.

The game starts with the participants being chosen to be the mafia. The mafia knows each other, and the civilians do not know which one is the mafia.

At the beginning of each round, the mafia secretly kills one of the civilians. Then all participants open their eyes and discuss who they think is the mafia.

If the civilians choose the mafia, they win. If the mafia eliminates all civilians, they win.

Mafia is an exciting and dynamic game that is suitable for people of all ages. It develops logic, attentiveness and teamwork skills.

To order a game of mafia in Pattaya, write in telegram @KQfashion. Стоимость игры составляет 200 батов за человека.

The mafia game in Pattaya has a prize pool of 100,000 baht. At the end of each game, the best player receives gifts.

Read more about the game in our article "Mafia in Pattaya: exciting entertainment for the whole company"

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