Border run from Pattaya to Cambodia

A border run from Pattaya to Cambodia is one of the few ways to extend your stay in the Kingdom of Thailand by 30 days.


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2,900 ฿



A border run from Pattaya to Cambodia is one of the few ways to extend your stay in Thailand by 30 days.

You will be taken in a comfortable minibus to the border with Cambodia, along the way there will be one stop for breakfast (you purchase breakfast yourself at the stop). When you arrive at the Cambodian border, you will go through passport control, go through the arrival border and go straight to the departure window from Cambodia. The process can take up to an hour and a half, so it’s best to bring water with you.

How it works

You need to first exit Thailand through a land border crossing. Once your documents have been checked, you cross the border with Cambodia. Walk to the checkpoint. There they will paste a Cambodian visa into your passport.

Once you have received your Cambodian visa, you can re-enter Thailand through the same border crossing. When you re-enter Thailand, you will be given a new stamp for 30 days.
On the way back there is also a stop where you can have a delicious lunch, this is included in the price. Lunch consists of rice and two toppings. Toppings are strips, egg or Thai food options.

What to take with you on the Border Run from Pattaya to Cambodia:

Your passport
Thailand Arrival Card TM6 (if available)
Cash (to pay for Border Run and breakfast)

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